3 things to consider during deluge valve system installation process

Fire is one of the most common and disastrous accidents which might take place at any point of time due to short circuit, smoking materials, cooking, open flame and many other sources. As human life and valuable assets are key aspects of an entity therefore the fire protection facility is always very crucial to protect people and properties in Plants and particularly in high hazards areas. Deluge valve is one such fire protection device that can work efficiently in stopping a fire from spreading in a building. But there are several instances where users face problems while installing the deluge valve system. Therefore, to avoid disruption during the deluge valve system installation process, follow these three crucial recommendations. 

1. Selecting the correct deluge valve during deluge valve system installation Planning

The first thing needed is to select the appropriate model of the valve made by the deluge valve manufacturer and the material needed for the construction. The selection process includes considering the kind of fluid like salt water, conditions of environment like freezing temperature, and corrosive environments. 

Along with this, the characteristics of pressure and basic flow rates of installed fire water pumps are also taken into consideration. With the help of the appropriate selection of construction items, it can eradicate the premature failure of deluge valve system installation from corrosion. 

2. Install a Strainer in Deluge Valve line

The external impact which can lead to the disruption in a rightly chosen valve is the supply of water. You can afford to buy the most luxurious watch in the world, but if you cannot make the proper use of time, then purchasing such a luxury watch is of no use. Similarly, if an engineer does not know how to handle water when it gets choked because of debris, then selecting even the best-designed deluge valve will also malfunction. 

Therefore, preventing debris in the water during the deluge valve system installation is a crucial step. Apart from this, strainers can be an inexpensive and productive solution that can avert spray nozzles heads from choking and clogging the deluge valve away from debris. 

The proper assembling technique of the Deluge Valve System Installation process

Every failure in the machine installation process is due to the wrong attempt or wrong technique of assembling the parts of a machine. Therefore, while working on the deluge valve system installation process, installation manual of the manufacturer the assembler needs to put the right part in the right place. After installation, the assembler needs to check whether there is any trash left in the flow path apart from testing its functionality and leakage. This is how the correct installation technique and cross-checking the functional ability can help eliminate installation failure. 

Conclusion: – If you are facing any issue or problem while installing the deluge valve, go through these suggestions. Every deluge valve manufacturer ensures high-quality products through these correct techniques of installation.   

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