Benefits of Fire Extinguisher Training for Fire Protection System

You find that every workplace building has fire extinguishers in its fire protection system. But there are workplaces that do not implement a fire extinguisher training program. Training people to use fire extinguishers effectively during the fire spread is essential. If a person is not trained properly to use the fire extinguisher, the whole building might face a fatal consequence of the fire outbreak. Hence, it is important to organize a separate training program. Let’s see why it is necessary to implement fire extinguisher training programs.  

Reasons to implement a fire extinguisher training program to ensure an effective fire protection system.

Here are a few reasons for implementing a fire extinguisher training session. 

Following the rule of the Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions Code, 2020

Apart from fire evacuation policy in an industry, a fire extinguisher training program is also required to abide by the rules of the Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions Code, 2020. According to the fire evacuation policy of any workplace, any employee should be able to operate a fire extinguisher device at the time of the fire outbreak. 

With the help of such training programs, an employee can learn the procedure to use a fire extinguisher and gain confidence during an emergency. Such training sessions involve drills to prepare for any emergency by practicing and operating fire extinguishers through a fake fire scenario. This can help in ensuring an effective fire protection system.  

Teaching employees when and which fire extinguisher should be used

Any fire detection & protection system company provides a wide range of fire extinguishers like water, carbon dioxide, foam, wet chemicals, and water mist. Hence, it is essential to know how to operate various fire extinguishers. The selection of fire extinguishers depends on the fire outbreak’s intensity and scale. At the same time, knowing when to use a fire extinguisher is also vital. 

Protecting lives and properties

A fire extinguisher training program is not just about training people to handle the device. It is also about teaching other associated fire safety measures like the knowledge of fire detection systems and many other aspects. It also educates about how to respond appropriately by ensuring everyone’s safety on the floor. 

These are a few benefits of organizing a fire extinguisher training program that can make everyone aware of the significance of the fire protection system. At the same time, it can also minimize the loss due to a fire outbreak in a building by applying fire extinguishers at the right time. 

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